fi Architects Group

A global technology advisory and consulting firm strategically designed to assist financial organizations to leverage emergent technologies along with the latest business management thinking to enable better business outcomes. We are a consortium of industry advisors, consultants, and strategic partnerships with an in-depth understanding of the financial and insurance industries.

We harness complementary capabilities to architect solutions helping clients faced with evolving regulations, legacy modernization, digital transformation, and the need for commercialization of technological advances to enable better business outcomes.

Our Mission

We are committed to help our clients transition to a future state and make architectural improvements to meet and exceed business demand. Our approach balances business capability and service landscapes to help IT increase speed to market and influence the right products at the right time.

fi Architects Group is a consulting and advisory services firm working with the technology leaders of corporations, government organizations, and vendor companies. As a practice, we remain neutral and objective about how vendors and their solutions impact our clients. We do not pitch or promote vendors, their products, or services. We are fully committed to matching our clients’ technology needs with the “best fit solution” to meet their business needs and budget.

Our architects are often invited to participate in professional organizations and vendor analyst briefings and events. It is a common industry practice that travel and related expenses are paid for by these organizations.

National OPEX Financial Services Conference

New Orleans, March 2019

The #1 Financial services event for leaders in business transformation and operational excellence. Jean Gehring, a two-term OPEX board member and Vice President of Enterprise Architecture, Fulton Bank facilitated a round table. She shared a case study on applying business and enterprise architecture practices, with the BIAN service framework to help identify and deliver unique technology capabilities and battle with expensive, archaic, legacy technologies, and drive modernization efforts.

IEEE-TEMS Board Meeting

California, February 2019

Jean Gehring, elected to the 2020 Advisory Board is shown with President Andy Chen. “I am humbled, honored, and privileged to assume the Advisor Chair on the IEEE-TEMS (Technology and Engineering Management Society). There has never been a more exciting time to be involved in technology and digital innovation today. I am deeply grateful to President Andy Chen for his vision, leadership, and the members of the Board for their vote of confidence” – Jean Gehring.

930gov Conference

Washington D.C., May 2018

Guest speaker Jean Gehring, President of Federation of Enterprise Architecture Professional Organizations shares the stage with John Zachman, father of Enterprise Architecture at the 930gov Conference. This is the largest, longest-running, multi-sponsored conference for government IT offering a one-day, multi-track conference where government technical communities connect, exchange, and gather ideas from thought-leaders from each community.

930gov Conference

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