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A diverse team of industry thought leaders, enterprise, and solution architects, the fi Architects Group works with companies to advance technology resiliency and reset the architecture for growth and agility in this “new normal.”

If we’ve learned anything over the recent months, change can happen at a moments’ notice. For most IT leaders, navigating the coronavirus pandemic has been an exercise in difficult choices, forced adaptations, and inventive workarounds. Play-books that worked in the past are failing to maintain service levels, deliver critical business services quickly and to scale, or keep a workforce healthy and productive in a shifting work culture. Layer on top the disruptive technologies, changing business models, and pandemic fatigue and you find IT organizations are at a tipping point.

As Albert Einstein said, “in the midst of every crisis lies great opportunity.” These challenges underscore the need to redesign play-books and redefine what IT can do now for growth beyond the pandemic. Call on fi Architects Group to help future-proof your architecture and governance capabilities.

“The pandemic has forced all companies to test how they manage their IT organization – it’s either by design or default.” – Jean Gehring, Chief Architect
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